If you're looking to use CAST branding to promote your community work, events, or projects, please follow these Brand Guidelines ("Guidelines").

If you would like to use our brand elements in a way that is not covered by these Guidelines, please send a written request to us here.

General Rules

Always use CAST’s trademarks and brand elements in accordance with these Guidelines, as well as any other guidelines CAST has provided you. All rights we grant you to use our trademarks and brand elements require that you specify that the trademarks and brand elements belong to CAST. CAST can modify or revoke at any time, in its sole discretion, any permission we grant you to use our trademarks.

Permitted Use

Please only use the brand elements found in these Guidelines.

You may refer to CAST’s trademarks and brand elements to accurately describe how your project or services relate to our projects and/or services. For example, you can say that your organization has partnered with, is acquiring a space through, or was assisted by CAST.

You may refer to CAST and CAST’s services using the word "CAST" or “Community Arts Stabilization Trust” when creating communities and related social media accounts, but please do not imply any sort of official business affiliation or sponsorship by CAST. For example, you may say "CAST Oakland Summit," but not "Official CAST Sponsored Oakland Summit".

Prohibited Use

The following usage of CAST’s trademarks or brand elements are prohibited. Please do not:

Attribution Language

Where you have been granted permission to use our trademarks or photos through these guidelines or through other written authorization from CAST, you must always include the attribution language provided for you in your written authorization, or by including the following statement at the bottom of the page:

"Copyright Community Arts Stabilization Trust” OR ”Courtesy of Community Arts Stabilization Trust”

Refrain from using “the” before our name, e.g. refer to us as “Community Arts Stabilization Trust,” not “The Community Arts Stabilization Trust”

Refrain from placing periods after the letters of the acronym, e.g. “CAST,” not “C.A.S.T.” or adding “-SF” (i.e. “CAST-SF”)

For community partner websites and social media accounts, please link to CAST’s website (https://cast-sf.org) when mentioning CAST or use CAST’s handles as noted in our Social media policy (PARTNERS).

If CAST is not in active public partnership with said partner, please omit CAST’s name until approval has been granted and/or a Memorandum Of Understanding (MOU) has been agreed upon OR include clear language that the account/website is not maintained or affiliated with Community Arts Stabilization Trust.




Usage Examples

↓ To ensure proper usage of the CAST logo, refer to the examples below. The images show the different versions of the logo on top of both black and white backgrounds, which can help you decide when to use the full color version versus the all black or all white versions.

Wordmark Logo (Horizontal Lockup)

CAST WORDMARK Usage Examples.png

Wordmark Logo (Vertical Lockup)

Screen Shot 2023-03-07 at 11.10.01 AM.png